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July 17, 2022

Adventure Time These Lumps: Cartoon Disco Mosh Pit Game

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Play as Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) dominating the dance floor in a fusion disco mosh pit for the ages. Think of this as a bully game where your job is to keep powering up by bumping weaker dancers until you are the cartoon equivalent of Big Bad Leyroy Brown.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click the purple play button in the lower right corner of the welcome screen to start the game.
      • This will give you a brief introductory story then start you out on level one.
      • The welcome screen also has a menu button which allows you to turn sound on or off, reset your gameplay data, read the how to play tutorial, or go back to the main menu welcome screen.
    • Game progress
      • Your web browser automatically saves your high score data.
      • You get one life per game.
      • Each time you start a new level you start with a full power bar.
      • If you die in this game you start back on level 1 the next time you play.
      • When you die there are buttons to continue and restart. Sometimes the continue button has you go back through the game intro but then starts you out on the level you are on, though sometimes it starts you back at the first level.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Move your mouse around the screen and your dancer will follow the mouse.
      • Left click the mouse to levitate off the dance floor when you need to avoid more powerful enemies.
    • Touchscreen
      • Use your finger like a mouse..
  • Strategy
    • Start of level
      • Early in the level you start with a small shadow and thus are weak.
      • It make sense to probe around in both directions to find waves of weaker competitors to bump in order to increase your shadow size while avoiding the larger shadow stronger enemies.
      • Don’t be afraid to use the left click button to lift off the floor and set yourself down near weaker enemies if there are stronger enemies closer to you.
      • Try to get a disco ball early in the level so you can bump many enemies indiscriminately.
      • You may not want to get the can of beans to move faster until after you have leveled up.
    • Later into levels
      • As your shadow size increases you can afford to be more assertive or aggressive, moving faster across the dance floor so long as your energy meter is close to full.
    • Power ups
      • Sandwich: adds energy (roughly 1/3 of your health bar)
      • Clock: adds 5 seconds to your time
      • Can of beans: adds to your speed
      • Disco ball: makes other dancers have smaller shadows so they are easier to bump
      • Heart: has a similar impact on the game colors as the disco ball and gives you many more points when you bump another dancer, though it does not make other dancers have smaller shadows.
    • Scoring points
      • You score points based on three factors.
        • How many enemies you bump, if you bump them in combo moves for many extra points, and how many you bump while you have a power up like the heart active
        • Remaining time
        • Remaining health
      • When you are weaker than most dancers are it typically makes sense to move in the same horizontal direction as the other dancers so you have less relative speed and do not accidentally bump into many stronger dancers.
      • When you have disco enabled or are far stronger than most dancers it typically makes sense to move in the opposite horizontal direction as the other dancers are so you have greater relative speed and can bump more combos.
      • Your dancing bump points are shown in the upper left corner of the game. At the end of each level your remaining time and health are added to that level score, which is then added to your total score.
    • Boss battles
      • The guitarist Marshall Lee has a shadow size which oscillates as he moves across the screen. Time bumping him when it is at its minimum. The same is true for the dancer.
      • Each boss has their own movement pattern to study and master.
      • Be careful not to get sucked into their orbit as they move toward you AND their shadow size increases.
    • Dying
      • You die if you run out of energy or time. The level time is shown in the top center of the game and your energy meter is in the top right of the game next to the pause button.
      • Each time you hit a character with a larger shadow than you your energy falls and you slide out of control for a while.
  • Target Audience
    • The production quality on this game is quite high with beautiful music and visuals as well as clean and simple controls. This makes the game enjoyable for players of all ages.
    • Younger kids who have not developed strong hand eye coordination may get frustrated at the initial difficulty level of the game, though most Adventure Time fans should enjoy this game.
    • There are no adult themes in this game.

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