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August 3, 2022

Ben 10 Alien Rivals: 1 vs 1 Cartoon Fighter – HTML5 License Game

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This is a 1 versus 1 Street Fighter styled fighting game that pits Ben, against the Antitrix’s aliens. Can you put Kevin Levin in his place for the umpteenth time?

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the mode you want to play in:
      • Arcade Mode: Fight alien battles and unlock new aliens.
      • Survival Mode: Fight as many aliens as you can.
      • Mutation Mode: Fight aliens with randomly generated bonuses
    • Select the sound button on the lower right corner of the screen to toggle the game’s audio.
    • Your browser automatically saves your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Left click to navigate and select.
      • Attack using the right arrow key.
      • Rush toward the enemy using the up arrow key.
      • Activate a combo using the space bar and the right arrow key.
      • Use the left arrow key to defend yourself.
      • Press the M key to toggle the audio on and off.
      • Press the escape key (Esc) to pause the game.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • While the game may load on touchscreen devices, it was optimized for desktop computers with keyboards.
  • Game Play
    • Interface
      • On the lower left corner is the pause menu. Select this to pause the game.
      • On the top row are the life bars of you and your opponent.
      • At the top center corner is the timer.
      • On either side are Omintrix and Antitrix symbols. These act as your combo meter.
    • Basics
      • Begin by choosing an alien.
        • You start with two aliens (Heatblast and Shock Rock)
        • Unlock three more by beating Arcade mode:
          • Rath
          • Stinkfly
          • Slapback
      • Attack as many times as you can until they run out of hit points.
        • Use the right arrow key to attack.
        • Each attack you land helps build up your combo attack.
      • Defend yourself to prevent your enemy from striking a hit.
        • Defend by selecting the left arrow key.
      • Winning
        • Beat Kevin’s aliens two times in a row before the timer runs out.
    • Combos
      • Once you’ve earned enough attacks, begin the combo by pressing the space bar.
      • Press the right arrow key as much as you can to fire up the combo.
      • Use the up arrow key to rush your opponent in the middle of the combo.
    • Game Modes
      • Arcade Mode
        • Fight against five of Kevin’s Antitrix aliens.
        • After each battle, you unlock another alien in Ben’s Omnitrix.
      • Survival Mode
        • Fight against an endless barrage of aliens.
          • As with Arcade mode, you have two rounds to go against the aliens.
          • Keep fighting until lose to one of the aliens.
        • Beat your best score by fighting more aliens than you did before.
      • Mutation Mode
        • As with survival mode, fight as many aliens as you can before one of them beats you.
        • When each fight begins, you and your opponent receive a different “bonus,” though how helpful that bonus is varies.
          • Some, such as extra hitpoints and added speed, are beneficial.
          • Others, such as reduced speed or poisoning, hinder your ability to fight and outlast your opponent.
        • The bonuses are assigned at random. You’ll never know what you’ll get until the start of the round.
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suited for older children and fans of the Ben 10 reboot series.
    • The game has no adult content.

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