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License HTML5 Games from Forestry Games, customize them according to your brand and upload them to your own website. All games come with full Source Code. Forestry Games offer premium quality games for anyone's budget.

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The cross-platform nature of HTML5, allows HTML5 games to run on the majority of devices without affecting their performance. It enables game developers to focus more on the quality of the games instead of worrying about the performance.

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We deliver premium quality games, combining unique and innovative ideas with creative designs and appealing audio-visuals. We focus on exceeding your expectation and providing an incredible gaming experience to your users.

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HTML5 games offer several innovative ways to increase your overall revenue significantly. The cross-platform compatibility of HTML5 games makes them perfect to be promoted on various platforms, which means greater revenues via in-game adverts.

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Make our games yours by putting your logo on them. Cost-effective, proven, and results-driven games, ready to be customized to your brand for your audience. Change the graphics and anything you want in the game, add your own branding, and launch to the market fast.

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Our HTML5 games work on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. We design, develop and deliver addictive branded games. Tailored to your brand and budget, our HTML5 games work seamlessly across desktop and mobile to deliver the best experience for you and your audience.

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We have expertise in all realms of HTML5 game development, allowing us to handle your complex projects and problems with ease. Our team will assist you throughout, starting from the conceptualization phase to the launch of the game on your platform.

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About Forestry Games

Forestry Games is a leading game creator, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands. The teams throughout Forestry Games' worldwide network of studios and business offices are committed to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular web platforms.
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Seo Optimization 75%
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Games Published On Forestry Games

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Partner with a talented community of digital brands and global community. Forestry Games is the Backbone Of Several Major Networks.

44Cats - Running Game

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Download a sample game for testing purposes, Every year there is a new freebie game ready for you to enjoy on Forestry Games.
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Forestry Games Offers Really Simple Licensing Options To Cover Every Business Usage.

We offer 3 licenses for every business need. All licenses are valid for a lifetime. Prices are different for each game. Visit our game shop to see the prices of the games.
Standard License

Starts from $29

Per License

Default use. Designed for medium-sized projects.

  • Game Source Code Included
  • Use The Game Only In 1 Project
  • Change Anything In The Game
  • World-Wide Usage
  • License Agreement For Branded Games
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Valid For Lifetime
  • World-Wide Usage
Extended License

Starts from $199

Per License

More advanced use, suitable for big-sized projects.

  • Game Source Code Included
  • Use The Game Upto In 10 Projects
  • Change Anything In The Game
  • World-Wide Usage
  • Create An End Product
  • License Agreement For Branded Games
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Valid For Lifetime
  • World-Wide Usage
Premium License

Starts from $399

Per License

The most advanced use for huge projects.

  • Game Source Code Included
  • Use The Game In Unlimited Projects
  • Change/Add Anything In The Game
  • World-Wide Usage
  • Create An End Product
  • License Agreement For Branded Games
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Host Games on our CDN - Free for Lifetime
  • Valid For Lifetime
  • World-Wide Usage


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Thanks to the Forestry Games team for delivering an awesome game with amazing graphics tailored exactly to our project needs.

Cristin Morer


We are very pleased working with Forestry Games, it was far above our expectations in terms of games.

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Will recommend you to my colleagues. I can’t say enough about forestry games.

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Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Games were worth a fortune to my company.

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Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! It’s all good. The service was excellent.

Marry Lorean

Senior Digital Strategist

I’d be lost without forestry games. Keep up the excellent work. Forestry games have really helped our business.

Nina Pierer

Progect Manager

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Frozen Rush - HTML5 Adventure Running Game

Game Preview License Game Frozen Rush is now available on OpenSea Frozen Rush - HTML5 Adventure Running Game is a magical platform style runner game featuring all the major Frozen characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and even Marshmallow and the Trolls. Race to collect the missing Troll crystals with Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff to restore The Northern Lights! The Northern Lights have faded and Grand Pabbie troll needs you to Race through the frozen mountains in order to collect the missing Troll crystals. Only when you’ve collected all the crystals can he restore The Northern Lights! In addition to a story based level mode, Frozen Rush features an un-lockable endless mode.  In order to create huge levels, we developed our own level editor to create the vast, memory efficient, spline based levels. It also allowed us to play, test and optimise each one for each character without republishing the game. We developed the game using the excellent pixijs, hand animating all

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Game Preview License Game Batwheels By You is a vehicle customization game. Create your own Batmobile! Clean and customize the Batwheels crew in Batwheels By You! Change the color, symbol and expression on the Batwheels to put your own spin on the Batman’s.
Game Preview License Game This is a 1 versus 1 Street Fighter styled fighting game that pits Ben, against the Antitrix’s aliens. Can you put Kevin Levin in his place for the umpteenth time? Starting the Game Select the mode you want to play in: Arcade Mode: Fight alien battles and unlock new aliens. Survival Mode: Fight as many aliens as you can. Mutation Mode: Fight aliens with randomly generated bonuses Select the sound button on the lower right corner of the screen to toggle the game’s audio. Your browser automatically saves your game progress. Game Controls Desktop Left click to navigate and select. Attack using the right arrow key. Rush toward the enemy using the up arrow key. Activate a combo using the space bar and the right arrow key. Use the left arrow key to defend yourself. Press the M key to toggle the audio on and off. Press the escape key (Esc) to pause the game. Touchscreen devices While the game may load on touchscreen devices, it was optimized for desktop comput
Game Preview License Game This is a hidden object-finding game themed for the remake of the popular Cartoon Network series. Find as many spacesuit-wearing aliens as you can within 30 seconds. The game is best suited for younger fans of the series. Starting the Game Press the play button at the center of the welcome screen to begin. Before the round begins, the game shows you a list of characters to capture and characters to ignore. Toggle the audio by selecting the sound button on the upper right corner. Game Controls Desktop Left click on the character as they appear. Touchscreen devices Tap on the characters that pop up onscreen. Game Play The game has two rounds. Finish both rounds to complete the game. You have 30 seconds to find and catch as many aliens as you can. Select the aliens as they appear to catch them. Valid aliens wear white and multicolored space suits. You gain 100 points from every alien you catch. You lose 100 points for every invalid character you catch. Inv
Game Preview License Game This is a simple wildlife photography game. Agent Hal will ask you to take pictures of as many animals as you can. Think you have what it takes to be receive the expert snapper badge? Starting the Game Select the play button on the bottom right corner to load the welcome screen. On the welcome screen, select the play button to start. The game is narrated; Hal’s voiceover will serve as the game’s tutorial. Game Controls Desktop Using your mouse, left click to activate the camera. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, press and hold this button to zoom in on animals Touchscreen devices Tap on the screen with your fingers to take a picture of an animal. Tap and hold to zoom in. Game Play Basic Left click or tap on an animal to take a picture of it. Each time you snap a picture of an animal, you gain stars. The more animals there are in the picture, the higher your photo’s star rating. You get even more stars by zooming when taking a picture. Work fast, the ani
Game Preview License Game Play as Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) dominating the dance floor in a fusion disco mosh pit for the ages. Think of this as a bully game where your job is to keep powering up by bumping weaker dancers until you are the cartoon equivalent of Big Bad Leyroy Brown. Starting the Game Click the purple play button in the lower right corner of the welcome screen to start the game. This will give you a brief introductory story then start you out on level one. The welcome screen also has a menu button which allows you to turn sound on or off, reset your gameplay data, read the how to play tutorial, or go back to the main menu welcome screen. Game progress Your web browser automatically saves your high score data. You get one life per game. Each time you start a new level you start with a full power bar. If you die in this game you start back on level 1 the next time you play. When you die there are buttons to continue and restart. Sometimes the continue button has y
Game Preview License Game Protect the Candy Citizens! Control the gate’s position to allow Candy Citizens to enter the Candy Kingdom while keeping out the big bad candy-eating why-wolves. Starting the Game Click on the “Tap to Play” button on the game’s welcome screen to start the game. The welcome screen also contains a “How to Play” button. Game Controls Mouse Click anywhere on the screen to close the gate. Hold the click to keep it closed. Release to open the gate. Touchscreen Use your finger like a mouse. Strategy Scoring You gain a life for each heart you let into Candy Kingdom, though you do not gain any points. Outside of hearts, each Candy Citizen which is allowed entry into the Candy Kingdom is worth 50 points. The game comes in 10 waves. Dying You start the game with 30 lives. Each wolf that enters the Candy Kingdom costs you 10 lives. Each Candy Citizen you turn away by having the gate closed costs you a life. The Why-Wolves move faster than the Candy Citizens, so som
Game Preview License Game This Adventure Time game is set in the gender-flipped version of the Land of Ooo. Help the adventurer Fiona and friends clear the skies of enemies.
Game Preview License Game This is a fairly standard card-matching memory game based on the hit Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. Free Marcelline’s trapped friends by matching their cards in as few moves as possible. The name of the game is a reference to the Fall Out Boy song Thanks for the Memories, befitting Marcelline’s rocker aesthetic.
Game Preview License Game Sweets are all over the place in Jake & Finn's Candy Dive game! The witch has cast a spell for her garden to be sweeter than the Candy Kingdom, so Finn and Jake have taken it upon themselves to save the situation!  You have to help the beloved characters collect all the candy while getting dropped off by the Rainicorn mid-air! Your job is to make sure they are safe the whole time they are free-falling! Finn and Jake are counting on you for this new mission! Get yourself ready and save the Candy people!
Game Preview License Game Temple Quest is the ultimate endless runner game. And endless runner game is a never ending challenge where you move fast, think faster, and score big. A high score is on the line as you run, jump, slide, dash and dodge your way to victory. Do you have the stamina to out run your friends, families, and enemies? How far do you think you can make it before a pit, a wall or a rickety pathway does you in for good? In endless runner games its all about staying alive and moving fast: just like real life. IN Temple Quest you’ll augment your score by collecting diamond shaped coins on your run. Each one adds to your score. But there are also power up which boost your speed to almost uncontrollable levels. This lets you move faster and thus cover more ground faster but there is an added risk. There is also a magnet ability which lets you suck up coins which are within your vicinity but not technically near you. There are other special abilities, of course,
Game Preview License Game Temple Run 2 is a really fun game, where you can spend hours and hours jumping, slipping and dodging all of the obstacles. Temple run 2 game is the next installment in this Endless Runner series. The most successful and popular series in history (the fist part was downloaded more than 170 million times), it closely follows the original format, offering very similar game mechanics, while adding a number of interesting features. Among the new features found in Temple Run 2 is the introduction of new obstacles and power-ups, keeping the player more alert to everything that is going on around them. Plus, you can now turn on the power-ups whenever you want, adding an additional strategic element into the mix. Another interesting development in Temple Run 2 is that now each of the many characters you can choose from has their own special skills, meaning that you can master each of them in turn… once they’ve been purchased beforehand of course. The graphics ha
Game Preview License Game Ben 10 Omnicode  Ben 10 Omnicode is a serious game created to promote coding and programming. Instead of just fighting and battling enemies physically, this time Ben is tasked with using his coding brain to complete a series of 28 levels through three different themes. As well as teaching children code structure using visual modules that you can drag together to plug and play code, you discover variables, loops as many other programming methods. To complete the levels you also need to use your omnitrix to transform into different Ben 10 aliens and use their unique abilities to overcome physical obstacles in the game such as fire, acid pits, traps, water among others. The game is created using three.js bringing the characters to life using Spine. This combination results in a mix of 3D environments and 2D animated characters. Levels can therefore be viewed from different angles to help the user work out the best strategy to complete each level. It a
Game Preview License Game Defenders of Mathematica Guardians Defenders of Mathematica is a KS2 Maths learning game. Featuring a complete quite of original characters and fantastic beasts set within ten realms inside the Kingdom of Mathematica. You can choose between twenty-four different characters and customise their appearance based upon treasure rewards earn through advancing through the game. There is a short training section, then you can choose between ten different KS2 math subject areas. Each area is set within a realm of the Kingdom and is under attack. Dragons, wizards, giant spiders, spirit beasts, trolls and hobgoblins will challenge you in each subject. You have ten questions to get answer. We not only created a multitude of different math engines for all the subject areas, but also made the engines dynamic, so every time you play, you will get different problems. As you advance your knowledge the game levels up, making the questions harder. Success brings treas
Game Preview License Game In Teen Titans Goal you’ll want to score as many points as you can before the timer runs out. To score points, tap anywhere to kick the soccer balls at the right time. Missing a ball will cost you time. Getting a perfect hit will add time to the clock.
Game Preview License Game Monster Beach: Surf's Up is a side-scrolling obstacle course game. Jump on your surfboard, go with the current, and collect as many monster masks as you can along the way.
Game Preview License Game Summer Games is a collection of sports games starring a cast of Cartoon Network's characters including Gumball, Robin, and Mao Mao.
Game Preview License Game Strike — Ultimate Bowling is a bowling game starring Gumball, Ben Tennyson, Teen Titans and other characters that reside on Cartoon Network. Play alone against AI or challenge your friend to sit next to you and play together.
Game Preview License Game Teen Titans Go! Smashy Piñata is a one-tap arcade game based on the Teen Titans Go animated cartoon TV series. Use your mouse to dash between two walls smashing a piñata and keep it in the air as long as possible to score more points.
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