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    All the HTML5 games you need.
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Game Preview License Game

This is a 1 versus 1 Street Fighter styled fighting game that pits Ben, against the Antitrix’s aliens. Can you put Kevin Levin in his place for the umpteenth time?

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the mode you want to play in:
      • Arcade Mode: Fight alien battles and unlock new aliens.
      • Survival Mode: Fight as many aliens as you can.
      • Mutation Mode: Fight aliens with randomly generated bonuses
    • Select the sound button on the lower right corner of the screen to toggle the game’s audio.
    • Your browser automatically saves your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Left click to navigate and select.
      • Attack using the right arrow key.
      • Rush toward the enemy using the up arrow key.
      • Activate a combo using the space bar and the right arrow key.
      • Use the left arrow key to defend yourself.
      • Press the M key to toggle the audio on and off.
      • Press the escape key (Esc) to pause the game.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • While the game may load on touchscreen devices, it was optimized for desktop computers with keyboards.
  • Game Play
    • Interface
      • On the lower left corner is the pause menu. Select this to pause the game.
      • On the top row are the life bars of you and your opponent.
      • At the top center corner is the timer.
      • On either side are Omintrix and Antitrix symbols. These act as your combo meter.
    • Basics
      • Begin by choosing an alien.
        • You start with two aliens (Heatblast and Shock Rock)
        • Unlock three more by beating Arcade mode:
          • Rath
          • Stinkfly
          • Slapback
      • Attack as many times as you can until they run out of hit points.
        • Use the right arrow key to attack.
        • Each attack you land helps build up your combo attack.
      • Defend yourself to prevent your enemy from striking a hit.
        • Defend by selecting the left arrow key.
      • Winning
        • Beat Kevin’s aliens two times in a row before the timer runs out.
    • Combos
      • Once you’ve earned enough attacks, begin the combo by pressing the space bar.
      • Press the right arrow key as much as you can to fire up the combo.
      • Use the up arrow key to rush your opponent in the middle of the combo.
    • Game Modes
      • Arcade Mode
        • Fight against five of Kevin’s Antitrix aliens.
        • After each battle, you unlock another alien in Ben’s Omnitrix.
      • Survival Mode
        • Fight against an endless barrage of aliens.
          • As with Arcade mode, you have two rounds to go against the aliens.
          • Keep fighting until lose to one of the aliens.
        • Beat your best score by fighting more aliens than you did before.
      • Mutation Mode
        • As with survival mode, fight as many aliens as you can before one of them beats you.
        • When each fight begins, you and your opponent receive a different “bonus,” though how helpful that bonus is varies.
          • Some, such as extra hitpoints and added speed, are beneficial.
          • Others, such as reduced speed or poisoning, hinder your ability to fight and outlast your opponent.
        • The bonuses are assigned at random. You’ll never know what you’ll get until the start of the round.
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suited for older children and fans of the Ben 10 reboot series.
    • The game has no adult content.

Game Preview License Game

This is a hidden object-finding game themed for the remake of the popular Cartoon Network series. Find as many spacesuit-wearing aliens as you can within 30 seconds. The game is best suited for younger fans of the series.

  • Starting the Game
    • Press the play button at the center of the welcome screen to begin.
      • Before the round begins, the game shows you a list of characters to capture and characters to ignore.
    • Toggle the audio by selecting the sound button on the upper right corner.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Left click on the character as they appear.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap on the characters that pop up onscreen.
  • Game Play
    • The game has two rounds. Finish both rounds to complete the game.
    • You have 30 seconds to find and catch as many aliens as you can.
      • Select the aliens as they appear to catch them.
      • Valid aliens wear white and multicolored space suits.
      • You gain 100 points from every alien you catch.
      • You lose 100 points for every invalid character you catch.
    • Invalid characters
      • Avoid selecting any of the invalid characters.
      • These comprise Human characters (Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, Zombozo, and Kevin) and 2 enemy alien species (Ectonurites/ghost aliens and Incurseans/frog aliens).
      • Ben in a space suit can be mistaken for an alien. Look carefully before clicking.
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suited for younger audiences and for fans of the Ben 10 reboot series.
    • The game has no adult content.

Game Preview License Game

This is a simple wildlife photography game. Agent Hal will ask you to take pictures of as many animals as you can. Think you have what it takes to be receive the expert snapper badge?

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the play button on the bottom right corner to load the welcome screen.
    • On the welcome screen, select the play button to start.
    • The game is narrated; Hal’s voiceover will serve as the game’s tutorial.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Using your mouse, left click to activate the camera.
      • If your mouse has a scroll wheel, press and hold this button to zoom in on animals
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap on the screen with your fingers to take a picture of an animal.
      • Tap and hold to zoom in.
  • Game Play
    • Basic
      • Left click or tap on an animal to take a picture of it.
        • Each time you snap a picture of an animal, you gain stars.
        • The more animals there are in the picture, the higher your photo’s star rating.
        • You get even more stars by zooming when taking a picture.
      • Work fast, the animals are on the move.
        • The animals move slower when you’re zoomed in.
      • Capture enough photos to earn a badge.
      • You only have a limited amount of battery power to take pictures of animals.
        • Earn as many badges as you can before you run out of power.
        • The battery level is shown on the top right corner.
    • Locations
      • Choose between the following locations:
        • Field
        • Creek
        • Forest
        • House
      • Each location will have a different set of animals.
    • Badges
      • To reach a badge, keep taking pictures until you fill the badge meter on the top center of the screen.
      • Here are the badge levels you can reach:
        • Newbie Clicker
        • Skilled Shutterbug
        • Expert snapper.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for younger kids learning about animals and photography.
    • This game has no adult themed content.

Game Preview License Game

Play as Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) dominating the dance floor in a fusion disco mosh pit for the ages. Think of this as a bully game where your job is to keep powering up by bumping weaker dancers until you are the cartoon equivalent of Big Bad Leyroy Brown.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click the purple play button in the lower right corner of the welcome screen to start the game.
      • This will give you a brief introductory story then start you out on level one.
      • The welcome screen also has a menu button which allows you to turn sound on or off, reset your gameplay data, read the how to play tutorial, or go back to the main menu welcome screen.
    • Game progress
      • Your web browser automatically saves your high score data.
      • You get one life per game.
      • Each time you start a new level you start with a full power bar.
      • If you die in this game you start back on level 1 the next time you play.
      • When you die there are buttons to continue and restart. Sometimes the continue button has you go back through the game intro but then starts you out on the level you are on, though sometimes it starts you back at the first level.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Move your mouse around the screen and your dancer will follow the mouse.
      • Left click the mouse to levitate off the dance floor when you need to avoid more powerful enemies.
    • Touchscreen
      • Use your finger like a mouse..
  • Strategy
    • Start of level
      • Early in the level you start with a small shadow and thus are weak.
      • It make sense to probe around in both directions to find waves of weaker competitors to bump in order to increase your shadow size while avoiding the larger shadow stronger enemies.
      • Don’t be afraid to use the left click button to lift off the floor and set yourself down near weaker enemies if there are stronger enemies closer to you.
      • Try to get a disco ball early in the level so you can bump many enemies indiscriminately.
      • You may not want to get the can of beans to move faster until after you have leveled up.
    • Later into levels
      • As your shadow size increases you can afford to be more assertive or aggressive, moving faster across the dance floor so long as your energy meter is close to full.
    • Power ups
      • Sandwich: adds energy (roughly 1/3 of your health bar)
      • Clock: adds 5 seconds to your time
      • Can of beans: adds to your speed
      • Disco ball: makes other dancers have smaller shadows so they are easier to bump
      • Heart: has a similar impact on the game colors as the disco ball and gives you many more points when you bump another dancer, though it does not make other dancers have smaller shadows.
    • Scoring points
      • You score points based on three factors.
        • How many enemies you bump, if you bump them in combo moves for many extra points, and how many you bump while you have a power up like the heart active
        • Remaining time
        • Remaining health
      • When you are weaker than most dancers are it typically makes sense to move in the same horizontal direction as the other dancers so you have less relative speed and do not accidentally bump into many stronger dancers.
      • When you have disco enabled or are far stronger than most dancers it typically makes sense to move in the opposite horizontal direction as the other dancers are so you have greater relative speed and can bump more combos.
      • Your dancing bump points are shown in the upper left corner of the game. At the end of each level your remaining time and health are added to that level score, which is then added to your total score.
    • Boss battles
      • The guitarist Marshall Lee has a shadow size which oscillates as he moves across the screen. Time bumping him when it is at its minimum. The same is true for the dancer.
      • Each boss has their own movement pattern to study and master.
      • Be careful not to get sucked into their orbit as they move toward you AND their shadow size increases.
    • Dying
      • You die if you run out of energy or time. The level time is shown in the top center of the game and your energy meter is in the top right of the game next to the pause button.
      • Each time you hit a character with a larger shadow than you your energy falls and you slide out of control for a while.
  • Target Audience
    • The production quality on this game is quite high with beautiful music and visuals as well as clean and simple controls. This makes the game enjoyable for players of all ages.
    • Younger kids who have not developed strong hand eye coordination may get frustrated at the initial difficulty level of the game, though most Adventure Time fans should enjoy this game.
    • There are no adult themes in this game.

Game Preview License Game

Protect the Candy Citizens! Control the gate’s position to allow Candy Citizens to enter the Candy Kingdom while keeping out the big bad candy-eating why-wolves.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the “Tap to Play” button on the game’s welcome screen to start the game.
    • The welcome screen also contains a “How to Play” button.
  • Game Controls
    • Mouse
      • Click anywhere on the screen to close the gate. Hold the click to keep it closed.
      • Release to open the gate.
    • Touchscreen
      • Use your finger like a mouse.
  • Strategy
    • Scoring
      • You gain a life for each heart you let into Candy Kingdom, though you do not gain any points.
      • Outside of hearts, each Candy Citizen which is allowed entry into the Candy Kingdom is worth 50 points.
      • The game comes in 10 waves.
    • Dying
      • You start the game with 30 lives.
      • Each wolf that enters the Candy Kingdom costs you 10 lives.
      • Each Candy Citizen you turn away by having the gate closed costs you a life.
      • The Why-Wolves move faster than the Candy Citizens, so sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice turning away a few Candy Citizens to keep the Why-Wolves out.
  • Target Audience
    • This is a simple tap game for all ages which fans of the Adventure Time series will enjoy.
      • The simplicity of the game means limited replay value for older kids and adults, but it is fun to play at least once or twice.
    • There are no adult themes in the game.

Game Preview License Game

This Adventure Time game is set in the gender-flipped version of the Land of Ooo. Help the adventurer Fiona and friends clear the skies of enemies.

Game Preview License Game

This is a fairly standard card-matching memory game based on the hit Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. Free Marcelline’s trapped friends by matching their cards in as few moves as possible. The name of the game is a reference to the Fall Out Boy song Thanks for the Memories, befitting Marcelline’s rocker aesthetic.

Game Preview License Game

Sweets are all over the place in Jake & Finn's Candy Dive game! The witch has cast a spell for her garden to be sweeter than the Candy Kingdom, so Finn and Jake have taken it upon themselves to save the situation! 

You have to help the beloved characters collect all the candy while getting dropped off by the Rainicorn mid-air! Your job is to make sure they are safe the whole time they are free-falling! Finn and Jake are counting on you for this new mission! Get yourself ready and save the Candy people!

Game Preview License Game

Temple Quest is the ultimate endless runner game. And endless runner game is a never ending challenge where you move fast, think faster, and score big. A high score is on the line as you run, jump, slide, dash and dodge your way to victory. Do you have the stamina to out run your friends, families, and enemies? How far do you think you can make it before a pit, a wall or a rickety pathway does you in for good? In endless runner games its all about staying alive and moving fast: just like real life. IN Temple Quest you’ll augment your score by collecting diamond shaped coins on your run. Each one adds to your score. But there are also power up which boost your speed to almost uncontrollable levels. This lets you move faster and thus cover more ground faster but there is an added risk. There is also a magnet ability which lets you suck up coins which are within your vicinity but not technically near you. There are other special abilities, of course, and you will discover them the more you play.


Use your A,D keys to move left or right, or use the left and right arrow pad to move left and right. Use the W or up arrows to jump. Use the S or down key to slide.

Game Preview License Game

Temple Run 2 is a really fun game, where you can spend hours and hours jumping, slipping and dodging all of the obstacles. Temple run 2 game is the next installment in this Endless Runner series. The most successful and popular series in history (the fist part was downloaded more than 170 million times), it closely follows the original format, offering very similar game mechanics, while adding a number of interesting features.

Among the new features found in Temple Run 2 is the introduction of new obstacles and power-ups, keeping the player more alert to everything that is going on around them. Plus, you can now turn on the power-ups whenever you want, adding an additional strategic element into the mix.

Another interesting development in Temple Run 2 is that now each of the many characters you can choose from has their own special skills, meaning that you can master each of them in turn… once they’ve been purchased beforehand of course.

The graphics have also been improved considerably compared to the first installment. Better character representations and more attractive and textured scenery are just some of the things that are noticeable at first glance.

Temple Run 2 is a really fun game, where you can spend hours and hours jumping, slipping and dodging all of the obstacles that your brave protagonists must overcome in their desperate bid to escape.

Game Preview License Game

Ben 10 Omnicode 

Ben 10 Omnicode is a serious game created to promote coding and programming. Instead of just fighting and battling enemies physically, this time Ben is tasked with using his coding brain to complete a series of 28 levels through three different themes.

As well as teaching children code structure using visual modules that you can drag together to plug and play code, you discover variables, loops as many other programming methods.

To complete the levels you also need to use your omnitrix to transform into different Ben 10 aliens and use their unique abilities to overcome physical obstacles in the game such as fire, acid pits, traps, water among others.

The game is created using three.js bringing the characters to life using Spine. This combination results in a mix of 3D environments and 2D animated characters. Levels can therefore be viewed from different angles to help the user work out the best strategy to complete each level. It also means we can rotated the camera view in the game whilst still keeping the characters facing the camera.

The game is also designed to work in 9 different languages to ensure the widest audience possible can play the game and learn to code computers.

Game Preview License Game

Defenders of Mathematica

Guardians Defenders of Mathematica is a KS2 Maths learning game. Featuring a complete quite of original characters and fantastic beasts set within ten realms inside the Kingdom of Mathematica.

You can choose between twenty-four different characters and customise their appearance based upon treasure rewards earn through advancing through the game. There is a short training section, then you can choose between ten different KS2 math subject areas. Each area is set within a realm of the Kingdom and is under attack.

Dragons, wizards, giant spiders, spirit beasts, trolls and hobgoblins will challenge you in each subject. You have ten questions to get answer.

We not only created a multitude of different math engines for all the subject areas, but also made the engines dynamic, so every time you play, you will get different problems.

As you advance your knowledge the game levels up, making the questions harder. Success brings treasure from the Queen.

Game Preview License Game

In Teen Titans Goal you’ll want to score as many points as you can before the timer runs out. To score points, tap anywhere to kick the soccer balls at the right time. Missing a ball will cost you time. Getting a perfect hit will add time to the clock.

Game Preview License Game

Monster Beach: Surf's Up is a side-scrolling obstacle course game. Jump on your surfboard, go with the current, and collect as many monster masks as you can along the way.

Game Preview License Game

Summer Games is a collection of sports games starring a cast of Cartoon Network's characters including Gumball, Robin, and Mao Mao.

Game Preview License Game

Strike — Ultimate Bowling is a bowling game starring Gumball, Ben Tennyson, Teen Titans and other characters that reside on Cartoon Network. Play alone against AI or challenge your friend to sit next to you and play together.

Game Preview License Game

Teen Titans Go! Smashy Piñata is a one-tap arcade game based on the Teen Titans Go animated cartoon TV series. Use your mouse to dash between two walls smashing a piñata and keep it in the air as long as possible to score more points.

Game Preview License Game

Help him fight against some monsters, many monsters who are dangerous and coming towards him really fast and you have to use his super power in order to fight against them, we are sure that if you concentrate and be quick you will do a very good job.

Game Preview License Game

Ben 10 Diamondhead Shoot is a single player game in which you have to shoot the enemy robots flying towards you from all the directions. This is a timer-based game in which you have to shoot the maximum number of skulls approaching you. Your Score will be based on the number of Skulls you Shot. The more you kill the enemy skills, the more star rating you get at the end of every level. As you approach towards the High levels, the enemy skills will get faster and huge in numbers.

Game Preview License Game

As the name suggests. this is a single-alien game which is none other than Cannonbolt. The game is based on an episode called ‘Clown College’ from the original Ben 10 Tv series. Relive the adventure by playing Ben 10 Cannonbolt Smash game online and take revenge on the clowns. Ben 10 Cannonbolt Smash is a time-based game where Cannonbolt races on a track. There are three lanes on the track and Evil clowns continuously appear on the track. You must try to make Cannonbolt smash into the clowns to score. You will get an initial time limit of 60 seconds but it does not mean your game will end in just 60 seconds. While running on the track, there will be some Clock signs too. Each clock you collect will add 10 more seconds to your time. You will be given 1 point for each clown you smash. And the final score will be calculated when your time limit ends. So all ben 10 fans out there, let’s get started with Ben 10 Cannonbolt Smash game now! Make Cannonbolt spin like never before and smash the evil jokers that come in your way. Good Luck
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