Temple Quest – Ultimate Endless Runner Game

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Temple Quest is the ultimate endless runner game. And endless runner game is a never ending challenge where you move fast, think faster, and score big. A high score is on the line as you run, jump, slide, dash and dodge your way to victory. Do you have the stamina to out run your friends, families, and enemies? How far do you think you can make it before a pit, a wall or a rickety pathway does you in for good? In endless runner games its all about staying alive and moving fast: just like real life. IN Temple Quest you’ll augment your score by collecting diamond shaped coins on your run. Each one adds to your score. But there are also power up which boost your speed to almost uncontrollable levels. This lets you move faster and thus cover more ground faster but there is an added risk. There is also a magnet ability which lets you suck up coins which are within your vicinity but not technically near you. There are other special abilities, of course, and you will discover them the more you play.


Use your A,D keys to move left or right, or use the left and right arrow pad to move left and right. Use the W or up arrows to jump. Use the S or down key to slide.


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